Keyboard shortcuts
When using an editor, the keyboard shortcuts are different. For more, check the editors: AudioPiano RollScoreByzantineAutomationImageVideoLoopStyle PlayerFlowTextScriptDMXAnimationPriminitive AnimationMaskHandwritingDrawing3D editor.

Keyboard shortcuts for main arranger
F2Next marker
Shift+F2Add marker
Alt+F2Show marker in menu
F4 VST and Plugins Panel
F5Export Audio(for Audio Workspace), Export Video (for Video Workspace)
F6Record (for Audio Workspace), Split at cursor (Video workspace)
Shift+F6Ask for lead-in mesures. If recording, stop and start again (to create new armed parts)
F7Orchestra VST
F8MIDI Controller Learning Map (Audio Workspace)
F9Flow Editor
EscExit from editor
Ctrl+Alt+1...9Scene selection
Keypad 1...9Go to marker
+Zoom in
-Zoom out
Ctrl+0Zoom all
`Switch workspace (audio/video)
.Next beat
,Prev beat
DeleteDelete parts
TabNext part
Ctrl+HomeGo to start
Ctrl+Shift+HomeSelect to start
Ctrl+EndGo to end
Ctrl+Shift+EndSelect to end
Up/DownTrack Scroll
>/<Move beat by beat, or pixel by pixel.
Alt+ >/<Change blend mode.
Ctrl+ASelect all parts
Alt+BToggle bay
Shift+BInsert beat
CToggle Metronome
Alt+CToggle multi-cut
Ctrl+EExport Audio
Alt+EToggle effects
Ctrl+FFind parts
Alt+FJoin parts without gap
FFlip selected image parts
GGroup selected parts
HRitenuto while playing
Shift+GUngroup selected parts
Shift+JJoin parts with gap
KAccel while playing
LToggle part lock
Shift+LSemi lock
MToggle part mute
Alt+MToggle markers
Alt+NName mode toggle
Shift+MMultiply part
PPreview Part
Alt+PToggle part mode
RRotate selected image parts
Ctrl+RArm toggle
SToggle selected image parts stretch mode
Shift+SSplit at position
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+SScene detector
Alt+TCycle between time formats
Shift+TInsert tempo
Control+TAdd Track
Alt+Shift+TToggle Transporter
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+TScene detector
Alt+UToggle undo/redo list
Alt+VToggle video preview
Ctrl+Shift+VGhost Paste
YShow selected image EXIF meta information
[Move part closer to its left
]Move part closer to its right
Ctrl+[Enlarge part closer to its left
Ctrl+]Enlarge part closer to its right
In the video workspace, there are a few differences:

* F5 exports the video
* The bay and the video preview are always visible (B and V keys are ignored)
* < and > move the sequence at the pixel level.

When the Bay is active, then:

* Keys A V I L C M S switch the category
* Keys 1.. 9 define the grid size
* Keys +/- change the grid height
* Keys PgUp/PgDown and arrow keys navigate the bay
* Ctrl+B inserts the selected items to the last clicked track
* Ctrl-Alt-B specifies the default length for images

When the effects are active, keys A V M N T switch the event category.