Keyboard shortcuts
When using an editor, the keyboard shortcuts are different. For more, check the editors: AudioPiano RollScoreByzantineAutomationImageVideoLoopStyle PlayerFlowTextScriptDMXAnimationPriminitive AnimationMaskDrawing.

Keyboard shortcuts for main arranger
F2Next marker
Shift+F2Add marker
Alt+F2Show marker in menu
F4 VST and Plugins Panel
F5Export Audio(for Audio Workspace), Export Video (for Video Workspace)
F6Record (for Audio Workspace), Split at cursor (Video workspace), Render audio (Audio Workspace)
F7Orchestra VST
F8MIDI Controller Learning Map (Audio Workspace)
F9Flow Editor
EscExit from editor
Ctrl+Alt+1...9Scene selection
+Zoom in
-Zoom out
Ctrl+0Zoom all
`Switch workspace (audio/video)
.Next beat
,Prev beat
DeleteDelete parts
TabNext part
Ctrl+HomeGo to start
Ctrl+Shift+HomeSelect to start
Ctrl+EndGo to end
Ctrl+Shift+EndSelect to end
Up/DownTrack Scroll
>/<Move beat by beat, or pixel by pixel.
Alt+ >/<Change blend mode.
Ctrl+ASelect all parts
Alt+BToggle bay
Shift+BInsert beat
Alt+CToggle multi-cut
Ctrl+EExport Audio
Alt+EToggle effects
Ctrl+FFind parts
Alt+FJoin parts without gap
FFlip selected image parts
GGroup selected parts
Shift+GUngroup selected parts
Shift+JJoin parts with gap
LToggle part lock
Shift+LSemi lock
MToggle part mute
Alt+MToggle markers
Alt+NName mode toggle
Shift+MMultiply part
PPreview Part
Alt+PToggle part mode
RRotate selected image parts
Ctrl+RArm toggle
SToggle selected image parts stretch mode
Shift+SSplit at position
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+SScene detector
Alt+TCycle between time formats
Shift+TInsert tempo
Control+TAdd Track
Alt+Shift+TToggle Transporter
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+TScene detector
Alt+UToggle undo/redo list
Alt+VToggle video preview
Ctrl+Shift+VGhost Paste
YShow selected image EXIF meta information
[Move part closer to its left
]Move part closer to its right
Ctrl+[Enlarge part closer to its left
Ctrl+]Enlarge part closer to its right
In the video workspace, there are a few differences:

* F5 exports the video
* The bay and the video preview are always visible (B and V keys are ignored)
* < and > move the sequence at the pixel level.

When the Bay is active, then:

* Keys A V I L C M S switch the category
* Keys 1.. 9 define the grid size
* Keys +/- change the grid height
* Keys PgUp/PgDown and arrow keys navigate the bay
* Ctrl+B inserts the selected items to the last clicked track
* Ctrl-Alt-B specifies the default length for images

When the effects are active, keys A V M N T switch the event category.