Score Editor
The Score Editor is a featured tool to create music with score writing.

Score Editor
Score Editor
Features include: Use the mouse to manipulate notes and, in addition, you have the following keyboard shortcuts:

ASDFGHJKLNote entry (depending on key)
MSwitch to measure tool
YSwitch to lyrics tool. You type text using this tool. Use the ribbon to switch back.
Ctrl+MAdd measures
Home/End/Pgup/PgdDownMove page
Up/DownMove note diatonically
Shift+Up/DownMove note chromatically
Left/RightMove between notes
Up row 1...9Add chord up
Shift+up row 1...9Add chord down
Keypad 1-9Select next note duration
Ctrl+Up row 1-9Select next note duration
DelDelete selected
Ctrl+C/VCopy/Paste (In note and in measure mode)
\Switch note from sharp to flat and vice versa
PAccidental reminder
[,]Enlarge/Reduce note
Alt+Up row 1...9Next octave for A-L
Alt+Up/DownSoundFont preset cycle
TTie toggle