The media bay is a collection of items to be added to the sequence. You can have any number of parts inside the bay. You can have an unlimited number of bays in a scene.

The bay also supports drag and drop.

When an item from the bay is selected, then the following keyboard shortcuts are active:
* Keys A M V I O switch the category
* Keys 1..9 define the grid size
* Keys +/- change the grid height
* Keys PgUp/PgDown and arrow keys navigate the bay
* Ctrl+B inserts the selected items to the last clicked track

In addition to these shortcuts, image toggles like S,F,Y keys are also available in the bay (check Keyboard shortcuts).

You also have bay filters (categories) for each element, this allows you to categorize your images and to show/hide specific categories.

When you switch to the video or converter workspace the bay is always activated, no matter the previous state.