Automation Editor

This editor allows you to edit automation. Automation is an advanced audio and video feature that allows changing configurable parameters at run time.
The assignable items are:

Automation Editor
Automation Editor
Audio Automation

You can use the curve editor to automate:
Video Automation

With video automation you can animate Video Effects applied to parts that generate video.
While in audio automation you usually have one automation part per whole track, in Video automation you usually have multiple automation parts that control different parts of the effect to be animated. All Turbo Play video effects contain automation parameters which you can control using the editor.

When using Adobe After Effects Plugins or OpenFX Plugins, their parameters can also be automated with the automation editor.
Mask Automation

When using Masks, you can mask an appearance of a video effect. This can be also automated, by adding a 2D transform to the geometry involved in the mask. This transform (scale, rotate, translate, skew) has parameters which can be automated, so you can create a moving mask effect for example, by animating the X factor of a 2D translate effect.
Layer Automation

You can automate layer placement parameters (x,y,width and height) of a layer.
Text Automation

You can automate text parameters, including shift positions and rotation. When the text is in Direct2D mode, then the individual range text parameters can be automated (weight, style, kerning, spacing, transforms).