The pianoroll provided by Turbo Play is based on my freeware Pianoroll, featuring:

Working with the auto tool allows you to use the mouse for entry, move, note resize etc. The available keyboard shortcuts follow:

InsertAdd marker
/Enlarge notes
HomeCtrl+Home -> go to start
DDouble notes
HHalf notes
.Add dot to notes
QQuantize notes
XMove notes right
ZMove notes left
TCtrl+T -> Diatonic transpose
\Smallen notes
SSplit notes
JJoin selected notes
1..8Next note size
Ctrl+1..8 -> Next Grid Size
Shift + 1..2 half beat
AAuto tool
Ctrl+A -> Select all in layer
VCtrl+V -> Paste
CCtrl+C -> Copy
ZCtrl+Z -> Undo
YCtrl+y -> Redo
PPart mode
EErase tool
ISingle entry tool
NPaint tool
GGroup notes
+/-Move notes

The microtonal version of the pianoroll requires you to enter the distance of the notes within the octave. For example, giving: 0,6,18,6,12,6,18,6 means that the octave will have 7 notes, in a total of 72 sections where note 1 is C, note 2 is C + 6/72, note 3 is C + 24/72, note 4 is C + 36/72 etc. The 72 is deduced by the sum of the numbers. That way you can generate any sort of microtonic scale to work with it. In this mode, the pianoroll exports MIDI using pitch bend.