Loop Editor
The Loop Editor is a featured editor to create drum (and other instruments) loops. It supports:

Loop Editor
Loop editor in Turbo Play

Turbo Play provides many ready to be used drumkits. When the track containing a loop part has not a VSTi already, a default TR-808 general midi is added. The drum loop supports beats with selectable MIDI channels, MIDI notes or SoundFont presets.

The drum loop also features an inline piano roll so you can create melodic loops for non drum instruments.

The drum loop can also generate DMX messages for controlling lights. You can select a DMX channel (1-512) for each instrument and the light will be turned on when this instrument plays. For more, see DMX.

When used with the Turbo Play Sound Font VST, then the drum loop can also: Use the mouse to manipulate the beats and, in addition, you have the following keyboard shortcuts:

F,Shift+FFlam position add/remove
T/UTie/Untie beat
Up/DownMove instrument (or MIDI program)
Shift + Up/DownMove SF Preset
< and >Move MIDI note inside the beat