Video Editing Modes
When creating video, Turbo Play can blend your tracks in various ways. Video information is written by parts that export video (Animation, Image, Video, Text, Visualization) and all audio parts that have Visualization enabled.

Single Track Mode
When there is only one active track, either because you only have one track or other tracks are muted or disabled by a Track selection marker, there is no blending.

Direct Blend Mode
When you have more than one track but the blending mode is "Direct Blend", there is no blending. Tracks are drawn one on top of the other in the order they appear on the sequence. This is the fastest mode for simple blending scenarios, for example, a video and some subitles over it. Layers rendered this way can still reposition and have masks.

Complex Blend Mode
When you have more than one track and the blending mode is not "Direct Blend", Turbo Play blends the tracks with Direct2D with either the Blend effect or the Composite effect. For more on these two effects, click here and here.

Video in Video
Blending options for a track include, except the blending mode, the opacity and a placement rectangle. You can adjust the placement controls to place the layer inside the entire rendering.

Multi Cut
Video-in-Video of two photos from Brugge.
Multi Cut
In non multi-cut mode, when you have many tracks at a specific time, they are blended according to Video Blending rules. In multi-cut mode, no blending is done, but all the tracks are displayed in a grid, from which you can select which track will be active at a time. The multi-cut mode is very useful when you have recorded the same video with multiple cameras and want to select the optimum take at a time. In this video editing mode, you select the track to be played at a time from a list of tracks which are all visible in the video preview.

To enable multi-cut, press the multi cut option button from the toolbar in the video editor. When using this mode, all tracks are switched to non-blending mode and instead, their preview appears in a grid. Click on the desired preview in the grid while holding CTRL and the selected track will be chosen at the current cursor position for the export. A Track Selection Marker is inserted at the current position.

A track selection marker can have a transition as well. Drag and drop a transition from the effects list to a track selection marker to enable a smooth transition between the multiple cut.

Working with multi-cut can be combined with complex blend modes. Once your Track Selection Markers are ready, you can switch back to the Blend Mode to complete editing.

Multi Cut
Multi-Cut with 4x4 16 items grid.
Track 2 was selected at the cursor position and a red square around the selected track is visible on the grid.