The Text part allow you to manipulate text and subtitles for your video. Turbo Play supports 2 text modes, the "Plain" and the "Direct2D".
The plain part supports the following properties: Turbo Play also allows "Direct2D" text, which is text which you can apply effects per selection. Once you switch to this mode, your text appears in full screen and you can select some of the letters, applying: Animation in text includes typing and transforms (scaling, rotating, translating) within the time range of the part containing the text. In addition, all the above parameters can be automated using the Automation editor.

Text parts can be transformed by using the Transform Tool.

The score editor and the byzantine editor can also introduce lyrics in their content, which can be exported as SRT or embedded in the visualization.
In the Movie Cut workspace the lyrics are automatically bound to the movie.

Text parts are automatically created/converted to audio by the Speech To Text and Text To Speech features.