Working with Video in 5 steps
Step 1
Import stuff with the "Add" group: Images, Videos, an entire folder and more
Turbo Play uses the Bay, an area to hold all your imported files. Drag and drop them to the track, or Ctrl+B to add them automatically to the end of the track.

Step 2
Add a second track with Ctrl+T if you want to mix items, for example, to add text inside an image.
When you have more than one tracks, you can use Video Editing Modes to specify how to mix them.

Step 3
Edit your images or videos by double clicking the parts or by dragging and dropping effects.
You can use the video editors: ImageVideoTextAnimationPriminitive AnimationMaskDrawing to edit your parts. Alternatively you can drag and drop from the effects panel.

Step 4
Use markers for advanced loops, blend switches and track selections.
Often you want to change the blend mode at run time, select which tracks are included etc. The markers can help with that.

Step 5
Export the video with the "Create Video" Video button, or use FFmpeg tools for additional work like subtitle mix.
Turbo Play allows you to export videos with many features. For more, see exporting data and FFmpeg tools.