Turbo Play supports the following file formats: Importing video will import the video from a file. If the video has also audio, then the audio will be directly read from the video when playing (but it cannot be processed with the audio editor unless you extract it). If the video has audio you can choose to ignore, read as-is or extract the audio to a new audio part.
Importing video can also be used to import audio-only files (wav,mp3 etc) if they are only imported for playback and are not to be copied to the project directory. This is most common when doing video projects, where you don't usually want to mess with the audio or you want to exclude it completely. Parts containing video can be processed with the video editor.

Turbo Play also allows you to import a folder, image from your camera or clipboard, audio and video from a direct URL (not a video site). In addition to that, Turbo Play includes the DirectX Screen Capture tool to capture your screen to video.

Turbo Play can also import or export the entire project to various cloud service (Google Drive, OneDrive etc).