Animation Editor
The animation editor is a video part that exports animated objects.

Animation Editor
Animation Editor

You can animate these types: The animations can be linear or smooth-stop. You can even draw your own animation path. Each object can create more than one animation.In addition, the animation editor contains a convenient way to load and manipulate 3D objects. It can load most STL and OBJ wavefront objects with their textures and manipulate their 3D scaling, 3D rotation and position in the animation.

The animation duration is, by default, the duration of the animation part. If you want, you can use the QWE and R keys to limit the animation duration (or either the source or the destination object) within the time limits of the part. For example, if the part is 10 seconds, an object can appear and start to animate at the 5th second until the 8th second.

When the animation editor is active, you can double click an object to edit it and the following shortcuts are available on the selected object:

Generic shortcuts:
TabMove between objects.
AToggle animation visibility
SToggle solo
Add/SubtractView area zoom
Q,W,E and R keysLimit the animation duration within the part time.

3D Object shortcuts:
< and >Rotate the object. Combine with control and alt for Y or Z rotation. Combine with Shift for precise rotation.
[ and ]Translate Z axis.